a division of adcock furniture & design offering two types of design services tailored to your own style, at no additional charge.

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design service

Our Showroom Design Service is complimentary, personalized design assistance from a Designer inside the showroom. This service allows you to get in-store interior design expertise to shop with the ideas and resources to make your vision come to life.

Our Premium Design Service is a simple, three-step process where we help you plan and design your home when more is needed than just picking out furnishings. We'll visit your home and compose a design plan that creates exactly the space you're wanting or needing, all at no additional charge.



design service



We take the time to get to know you in your home, learn your needs and tastes, and make a custom-designed space that is uniquely and comfortably yours.

We neatly layout and display the ideas and options we have chosen for you in our showroom so you can make an informed decision about your project.

Throughout the entire process of delivery and installation, we are with you, upholding that every detail is completed to the highest standard.

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Located in a pristine golfing neighborhood is an inviting and elegant residence. Creating a light and airy environment throughout the entire home was the main goal for this project. From room to room, the neutral colors, soft fabrics, and abundance of natural light make the feeling of sophistication evident. Charming yet luxurious, this home is a perfect place to relax until tee time. 

fairway charm


polished style with a light & airy touch

Tucked away in Georgia's lake country resides a home with style and grace. Incorporating elegance with comfort was a top priority for the design team on this project. The plush upholstery and soft leather mixed with the textured hardwoods created a rustic yet warm feel throughout the home. The use of color is subtle and organic, the beds cozy and inviting, and a stunning loft with unexpected characteristics is located upstairs. This posh home is the perfect oasis for a lakeside retreat.

lakeside retreat


Welcoming Oasis With An Elegant Ambiance